Our Campaigns

At L&M MediLaw, we’re passionate about improving health care outcomes. While our role is to help people when something has gone wrong, we’re also committed to ensuring that everyone gets the information and support they need. We campaign with organisations which improve the lives of those who have suffered injury following medical negligence, or another type of accident or illness, and the people who support and care for them. 


The Importance of Patient Choice, Autonomy and Consent in Pregnancy, Delivery and beyond.

We are passionate about the importance of patient choice and in particular advocating for quality maternal health care which respects the rights of mothers and their wishes during pregnancy, delivery, and during postpartum care. We have recorded a serious of videos exploring maternal health care, rights of the patients, importance of patient choice and how services could be improved

Sepsis Awareness Month - Colin Graham COO Sepsis Research

Sepsis Research FEAT is a registered charity (SC049399) and is the UK’s only sepsis research charity. Sepsis accounts for around 50,000 deaths in the UK every year – that’s more than breast and bowel cancer combined. We don’t understand enough about sepsis and the biological processes that can lead to serious illness or even death. That is why we urgently need to increase funding:- to raise awareness of sepsis- for research: to understand the processes that lead to sepsis, to design effective treatments for it & to help save lives. In September 2022, Elizabeth Rose completed a 5K every day to raise money for Sepsis Research. 

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