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L&M MediLaw offers specialist Medical Negligence legal services on a no win no fee basis. We represent individuals and families across Scotland. For more information watch the video.

Photo of Elizabeth Rose - L&M MediLaw founder and medical negligence solicitor
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Our Experience

Elizabeth Rose, the founder of L&M MediLaw is accredited by the Law Society of Scotland as a specialist in medical negligence claims.

Accreditation in a legal specialism is awarded by The Law Society of Scotland.

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Accreditation for Elizabeth Rose involved a careful vetting process. She required to demonstrate a minimum of 5 years’ experience in medical negligence claims and provided independent references from respected members of the legal community.There are only a few accredited medical negligence specialists in Glasgow and the west, a reflection of how challenging and highly specialised this area of law is.

Elizabeth Rose has worked on several high profile and reported cases. She has exclusively represented the patient, never the health professionals. Her background also includes more than ten years’ experience of working on personal injury and medical negligence claims and has worked and trained under some of the most highly regarded solicitors in Scotland during her career. Elizabeth Rose previously led a medical negligence department in a city centre law firm and had the privilege of representing individuals and families across Scotland in all type of medical negligence cases.

Our Client Care Journey

Graphic showing a patient discussing a medical negligence question with a solicitor

Expert legal care is at the core of L&M MediLaw. We understand that you have endured a life changing experience and you need representation that doesn’t burden you or add to any trauma. To help you, we provide a discrete, convenient virtual booking system.

We also use visual representation to explain the stages of your legal journey and provide information that’s accessible and communicated in a compassionate way. From providing a virtual tour of coming into our building, to customising  your file with a photograph, we believe these small touches personalise and humanise the process. You’re not just another name on a file. L&M MediLaw will support you from the initial chat to the case’s completion to allow you to move forward in your life.

Our Affiliations

Most of our work comes to us from word of mouth referrals from lawyers, previous clients and organisations who regularly assist people who have experienced negligent medical care. We are part of that community and are constantly working to ensure we understand all of the needs of individuals and families who are referred to us. We also create regular high quality, digital content which features organisations we work with. In this content, we look to promote easy understanding of the legal process.

Pass Case Study 

 L&M MediLaw provides training to third sector organisations and has previously provided training to the Patient Advice & Support Service (PASS). We are passionate about supporting organisations get to grips with the law, to provide the best service possible to those who have suffered medical negligence. 

Our Campaigns

At L&M MediLaw, we’re passionate about improving health care outcomes. While our role is to help people when something has gone wrong, we’re also committed to ensuring that everyone gets the information and support they need. We campaign with organisations which improve the lives of those who have suffered injury following medical negligence, or another type of accident or illness, and the people who support and care for them. 


The Importance of Patient Choice, Autonomy and Consent in Pregnancy, Delivery and beyond.

We are passionate about the importance of patient choice and in particular advocating for quality maternal health care which respects the rights of mothers and their wishes during pregnancy, delivery, and during postpartum care. We have recorded a serious of videos exploring maternal health care, rights of the patients, importance of patient choice and how services could be improved

We have new campaigns launching soon and look forward to sharing our campaigns with you soon, please sign up to our newsletter for updates.  

But don’t just take our word for it, read some client testimonials

‘Elizabeth Rose provided a high standard of professionalism and organisation when supporting on my case. I was made aware of any progress via updates and meeting. Attention to detail was shown throughout, this put my mind at ease throughout the process. I’m delighted with the knowledgeable service I received from Elizabeth Rose throughout this uncertain time’.
Author: RS
‘I underwent a routine operation to remove my gallbladder – unfortunately after major complications I spent six months in hospital. This included ten weeks in an induced coma and twelve weeks in our local PDRU unit where I required intensive physiotherapy to build my strength, learn to do small tasks for myself and learn to walk again. As a family we wrote to the local Health Board to complain about the outcome of the operation and the immediate aftercare I received - We felt let down by the outcome of the meeting and therefore felt the need to take our complaint further. A local solicitors put us in touch with Elizabeth and her team – from the start of our engagement we felt a weight had been lifted from our shoulders. As a family this was the first time we had to use the legal system and felt daunted by everything in front of us – The legal process was explained to us in comprehensible way, with Elizabeth on hand to answer any questions we had and guiding myself and my family every step of the way. We met with the legal team in Glasgow, attended by Elizabeth and her Advocate, we were taken through the process going forward and the next steps were explained in detail. A follow up meeting afforded us the opportunity to meet with the Senior Advocate – at no time did we feel overwhelmed by this as once again we were expertly guided by Elizabeth and her team. It was a long process with a favourable outcome for us at the end in no small part due to Elizabeth’s professionalism, support and guidance’.
Author: CM