Patient Advice & Support Service (PASS)

L&M MediLaw provides training to third sector organisations and has previously provided training to the Patient Advice & Support Service (PASS). We are passionate about supporting organisations get to grips with the law, to provide the best service possible to those who have suffered medical negligence.

L&M MediLaw provides training to third sector organisations and has previously provided training to the Patient Advice & Support Service (PASS).

Case Study – Patient Advice & Support Service (PASS)

Part of our ethos is making sure that those who have suffered medical negligence get the best care and advice possible. We provided an in depth training session with PASS focussing on key case studies to help advisors understand the legal matters which may arise in the course of their dealings with patients.

Background – What is PASS? Patient Advice & Support Service

The training session

PASS is an independent service, which provides free information, advice and support to NHS patients in Scotland. PASS is designed to support patients, carers and families when dealing with the NHS and other matters which affect their health, and many people who have suffered medical negligence will deal with PASS before working with a medical negligence solicitor to bring a claim.

The training session
At an early stage, it is important for third sector advisors to understand the legal process for medical negligence, and how to recognise whether a patient has a potential case. Information gathered during dealings with PASS and other third sector organisations can have a significant impact on the outcome of a medical negligence case and can also make a case much more straightforward if the patient decides to make a claim with a medical negligence solicitor.

During the PASS training session, Elizabeth Rose focused on what matters most, providing case studies to help PASS advisors recognise and understand potential medical negligence cases.

She also provided practical advice to help PASS advisors provide a better service to patients, carers and families who have suffered medical negligence and may wish to bring a claim for compensation.

Feedback from our PASS training sessions

I enjoyed getting some up to date information re legal action for our clients as we are asked about legal action often.

I am new to my role so found everything useful and it reinforced previous training

The focus on case studies was very useful, as all very typical of the queries we get. Interesting to hear changing laws/views on recording appointments.

I just thought it was great to hear from a legal point of view and was very affirming as to the work we do and how it can help the client going forward. 

Duty of candour as she explained it particularly well.

Finding out about the legal perspective i.e. what happens when a client approaches a medical negligence solicitor for help; what constitutes a ‘good’ case

All of it as there was learning there for all

Hearing about the costs and how it might not cost clients as much as we thought

Training was really interesting and I really enjoyed it. I found it all extremely useful but audio/video recording was particularly useful.

All parts useful, guardianship especially

Enjoyed listening to all the new information and to have previous knowledge consolidated. I felt it was a good balance between expert input that was mostly relevant, and practical stuff that was useful for day-to-day practice.

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