Medication and Prescription Errors

Making a claim for prescription errors

Prescription errors can be harmful. Medical professionals have an obligation to ensure that any medication you require is prescribed correctly. They must make adequate checks and enquiries to ensure that any medication prescribed will not cause you harm.

Where a medical professional fails in this obligation, this can have a severe impact on your health. You may be entitled to claim compensation and we are here to support you throughout the process. L&M MediLaw is led by Elizabeth Rose, an accredited medical negligence solicitor. Our lawyers will take the time to listen to you and where things have gone wrong, we can advise you on making a clinical negligence claim on a no win, no fee basis.

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Medication and prescribing errors

Medical conditions often require prescription medications which either alleviate, treat or prevent illness. Medication can be prescribed through your GP surgery and dispensed by your local pharmacy. This can either be an NHS prescription or private prescription. As an inpatient in hospital, your medication will be prescribed by your treating doctors and overseen by hospital pharmacists. Your dentist can also prescribe medication.

Nearly all medication can cause side effects, and the risks and benefits of medication should be considered before taking. Your doctor and/or pharmacist will ensure the correct dosage and that the medicine will not interact (cause a change in the way the drug acts in the body) with any other medications you’re taking. They will also consider any existing health conditions and whether the medication is suitable. If you’re undergoing an operation, it’s often important that the anaesthetist and surgeon have confirmation of regular medication you’re taking.

Investigating prescription errors

In rare cases, there can be prescription errors and this can have serious consequences. Or there can failures to prescribe a medication which can have equally serious consequences. In these cases, it may be appropriate to speak to the professional who prescribed the medication and/or lodge a formal complaint with this professional or their organisation (GP practice, dental practice, hospital). A serious prescribing error within an NHS organisation resulting in either a serious injury or death would ordinarily trigger an internal investigation under their Significant Adverse Events Review polices.

If you or a family member experience a serious adverse side effect, particularly something not described in the patient information leaflet, it’s recommended you use the yellow card system.  This can be filled in on online or sent via post and is a system established to make medicines safer. In come cases, the drug manufacturer will be contacted and in certain cases that particular drug can be taken off the market.

Making a medication or prescribing error claim

You may have reached the stage where you would like legal advice and representation. Whether there’s been an internal investigation or not, L&M MediLaw will listen to you and provide clear accessible advice. L&M Medilaw will assess the case and review any documentation you may hold. 

If our expert medical negligence solicitors consider your case has a realistic prospect of success, they will open your case, obtain all necessary information and carry out initial investigations.

If advised, a suitable independent expert(s) will be asked to comment on the actions of the prescriber and the outcome or injury that has occurred. If the report(s) are supportive, a claim can be intimated to the prescribing doctor/dentist or their representative. Depending on their response, L&M Medilaw will provide advice on next steps. This might be entering into settlement negotiations or they may advise raising a court action. If a court action is necessary, L&M MediLaw will support and guide you through the process and ensure the best possible settlement is achieved.

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